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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Footnote to the day

We're leaving in the morning for Sukhothai. It's a five hour bus trip from Chiang Mai. As usual, I have been unable to keep up with things here. We did a Wat crawl a couple of days ago. I took lots of photos but haven't had a second to organize them. The next day we did a 70 mile loop on the motorbike. I haven't really made peace with motorbikes yet but it was nice to get out of town. We saw some elephants along the road carrying tourists on their back but didn't stop. I didn't even photograph them. I love elephants but have no interest in seeing them in this context. And last night we had dinner with a friend who told us he used to be a practitioner of black magic. That was interesting.

I did add a few photos to my Facebook page but that's it. It all takes time but first thing every morning, we are up and out. The only time I have for any of this is at night but, like now, it's after 10 and I'm tired. Besides, the thoughts and impressions of the day are long gone.

Tonight some fucktards have turned on their fucking TV and it's blasting out over the courtyard. I'd close the big window but there isn't any glass in it. Yes. I'm complaining. Like JudyBlueSky says, sue me.


Kimberlee said...

I once bathed an elephant in a river in Nepal and then she let me ride her back to her roaming grounds at the Elephant Reserve park and I gotta say it was freaky being up so high with absolutely nothing to hang onto. I didn't really enjoy it but I sure did like bathing her, scratching her head and throwing water back and forth at each other.

asha said...

Wow! I would LOVE to bathe an elephant, scratch her head and all that. Totally pamper her. What a great experience! Lucky you. :)