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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Time travelers

So we're back in the US of A. At this point, I've been up for over 30 hours. Now I can't sleep. I'm exhausted but I'm wired.

Monday morning, headed to the Bangkok airport.

Time travelers. We arrived in Medford 45 minutes before we left. The last leg of the flight from San Francisco to Southern Oregon was in a tiny, prop engine plane with one stewardess. The engines were so loud and so full of vibration it seemed the plane might shake apart in the air. M. Lee slept through it all.

Time traveler

I read an article during the flight about Revive and Restore, a research project focused on developing genetic rescues for endangered, and even extinct, species like the passenger pigeon and dodo bird. I so hope they succeed.

Swami enjoyed it all

I will always remember the sadness I felt when, as a child, I read that the exotic, sweet-natured, defenseless Dodo bird was extinct and that humans were the cause. Now perhaps, wiser humans will be able to bring them back.

Back from the past?

In a few days, we'll drive to Portland. We've got a babysitting job there on New Year's Eve.


Roy said...

Welcome home! Enjoy the chilluns. Now buy a bigger camera!

asha said...

Thanks! Really looking forward to the chilluns. The parents don't send nearly enough photos or antidotes and it all passes far too quickly.

I'm nothing more than a point-n-shoot slob. I should get a smaller camera next time and preferably one made of rubber. My current one, which is on it's last leg, is all scratched and dented from the various falls I've taken while chasing photos over rough ground.