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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

:))) Project Swami. :)))

Me & Swami in Beijing

Since he was stolen by a pickpocket disappeared at Angkor Wat, I am searching the world for just the right person, someone who can make another Swami. I hear there are people who are very adept at reconstructing legacy dolls etc. so I have compiled photos of him and have his dimensions for just that purpose. If you happen to know, or hear of such a person, I would be extremely grateful. Thank you in advance.


Roy said...

Best of luck in your endeavor. If we can clone sheep, and create a convincing lunar landing in a secluded LA studio lot, we can certainly do this.

asha said...

Thanks, Roy. I have high hopes someone, somewhere will be able to clone Swami. Like you say, they did it with Dolly and the Moon so no big deal, right? :)