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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Recipe for a Winter's Day

I repost this Marvel Meal recipe every winter but it's good all year round. It's cheap, easy and fun to make and birds love it. Give it a try.

Marvel Meal - homemade bird suet

1 cup peanut butter (crunchy or plain  BUT NOT SALTED*)
1 cup vegetable shortening
4 cups cornmeal (yellow is higher in vitamin A)
1 cup white flour (nor self-rising)

sunflower seeds, chopped peanuts and other nuts, chicken scratch, apple bits, dried fruits, sugar, bird seed etc.

  • Mix peanut butter and shortening. (It helps to melt them first in microwave.)
  • Combine cornmeal, flour and any optional ingredients and stir into peanut  butter/shortening mix.
  • Form into shapes that fit your feeders
  • Store remainder in refrigerator or freezer
  • Feed the birds

After a long hiatus, I've been spending a lot of time on flickr lately. I have so many photos and have rediscovered flickr groups. Panoramio is just not that interesting anymore. It's fun posting photos to Google Earth, but that's about it.

We left Portland this morning and are slowly working our way south. It was great seeing everyone. The grand kids are heartbreaking sweet and growing up way too fast so we have visit again soon. We're in southern Oregon for the next few days and planning to drive back to Nevada on Sunday.

M. Lee's mom has been doing some serious estate planning since we saw her at Christmas. She hit us with it all as soon as we arrived this evening. She's in good health and spirits but decided it's time to get her affairs in order. I still haven't done that. This year. I've got to do it. It's a must.


Roy said...

This just all made me remember the resourceful mouse that once lived in our garage. We set mousetraps for him and the following days the cheese would be missing but the trap un-triggered. This went on for quite awhile. One day, I saw the mouse. It was inevitable. He was so fat (really) that he could barely waddle back to his hiding place, and as he lumbered across the garage floor, I thought, we need to put that poor little guy on a diet!
But, unfortunately, he was vermin, and we couldn't do with a mouse in the garage (imagine waking up at two a.m. to the sound of the garage door opener, running out of the bedroom and to the garage and out onto the street only to see receding tail lights . . . ) so we bought a cat the next day.

PS: I love that I don't have to type the photo'd numbers in the robot checker anymore.

Roy said...

Yes, wills, instructions, all that stuff I don't want to think about. This might be a good year for that, just to clear the boards and get on with it.
Two words for the robot checker, not the numbers. Tried to cheat the robot checker by only typing in the easy word of the two--thinking, correctly, I maintain, that a robot wouldn't think of that, but only a human. However, the robot checker is on some kind of power trip this morning.

asha said...

I love that you cracked the robot checker. It's a fabulous joke that the numbers are irrelevant. Now why why two words? !*%@!# Power trip, indeed. It's savage. But I couldn't even read the second one so another spin of the dial and voila... numbers! Sweet.