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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oregon update

Post-surgery is a drag. For all the medical advances, cutting the body open, poking around, pulling stuff out and sewing flesh back together is crude. No way around it. But, in spite of all that, Kathy was home the next day and is doing really well. I was under the impression that after the surgery we'd have the complete picture of what we're dealing with but no. We're waiting for the results of the most recent biopsy and still don't have a prognosis. They didn't get all the cancer but that's what radiation, hormones and chemo is for so on we go. That's the news. Not the best. Not the worst.

I lived in this valley for over 20 years so I know a lot of people. We both do. That makes things much easier. Plus we've been spending most evenings playing Dominion with the game group. It's not just us. People get obsessed over this game. M. Lee sent me a link to a discussion at Board Game Geek in which some guy announced he was planning to play though the entire collection of cards alphabetically. Not too likely. Someone else replied: "So, if you play a game every 10 minutes, 24/7, you  can play though all possible combinations in only 549,518,481,835 years!"

Napoleon with his favorite black and white toothbrush

Today we've been kicking back. M. Lee is in one room on his laptop and I'm in another on mine. I've been posting photos to flickr groups since mid-afternoon with a short break for dinner. Then, about a half hour ago, I found the Film Noir Mood Pool. Naturally I joined but then couldn't find one photo in the thousand plus I've uploaded to flickr that fit that category. How could this be? I love noir. It was a shock to see how one-sided my focus has been for the last few years. I finally rooted out a couple of images that kind of work, after I removed the color but still, this will not do.


Roy said...

Best vibes and wishes headed out there!

I looked at the Film Noir Mood group--I don't think I have anything that will cut the mustard. I think they are looking for anything that looks like a still shot from an old 1940's movie--not actually just the mood. (From reading some of the discussion.) However, I could put a fancy, draping hat on Uma, and give her a long, ivory cigarette holder and shoot her behind the wheel of a black '46 Plymouth...in the rain...holding a gun...maybe with a black and white police prowl car cruising by in the background...uh...past a neon lit bar window...just thinkin' out loud.

asha said...

OMG...that would be a great photo. You should do it. Don't forget the blood red lipstick.

Roy said...

I'm thinking there could be no happy outcome from attempting to put lipstick on a cat, if trimming her claws is any indication.

asha said...

Hmmmmm....you have a point. Perhaps you could get her to bite down on a pair of those Halloween red wax lips and snap a few photos before she attacks.

Roy said...

Ha. I'll just tell her she looks byoooo-teeeefullll.

asha said...

That'll do the trick!