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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Local news at 10:58 PM

Lately I can barely stand to come here. I drop by to use my newspaper links and see if any of my blog buddies have posted anything new then dash away. I should just change the top post and then everything would be okay again but it always seems like so much work because by the time I get the time to drop by it's too late to start anything new so nothing changes and days turn into weeks. You know how the story goes.

But I do have a little news. Our work is done here, for now. K. has recovered from her surgery, the drains are out and we return home on Thursday. It's been a long haul, seven weeks. We're all so glad to have that phase behind us. She starts radiation next but doesn't need us here to do it.

Oh, and I finally settled on what will be my next travel camera, the Sony HX50V. It has a 30x optical zoom which I'm pretty stoked about. It doesn't shoot in raw. That's kind of disappointing. It's something I want to learn more about but M. Lee found a great price through photographyblog, $238 down from the original price of $450, so what the hell?


Roy said...

I'm glad to hear the worst of the medical stuff is behind you. 7 weeks is a long time, by most standards.

Nice camera! I hope you wear it out.

asha said...

Thanks. It's a great relief for us all.

And the camera? Can't wait to start abusing it.

Roy said...

I experimented with shooting in RAW with both my point-n-shoot and the DSLR. In the latter case, the JPGs are such good quality, I couldn't see the advantage over the extra hassle. Maybe someday.

With the small camera, it does produce a better picture, but there is a big learning curve just to get to where YOUR jpg is equal to what the camera did automatically. To improve on that...meh. I got tired of messing with it.
30X zoom! That would be useful. I look forward to pictures of birds faces.

asha said...

Mmmmmm....thanks. That's helpful. And put all that on top of the pressures of being on the move I'm kind of glad I won't be dealing with raw at this point. I do have a micro 4/3 that shoots in raw but haven't tried it out yet. Sounds really interesting though and I do want to learn more about it.

Yes. Bird faces and wing pits.