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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Notes along the way and a great link

In the last month or so I have started and abandoned many posts. I could not settle on the words. I seem to be changing. How, I don't know. Motivation, patience, medium? Something is different. Maybe I'm just restless but I think it's more fundamental. I just don't know yet.

Generally, for my future self, I like to make note of at least the basic changes, events and circumstances in my life but they are slipping by unnoted.'s a recap. We were home for about a month, now we are back on the road. It was good. It was different. It was centering. I regretted leaving but also don't feel like I can hold on to anything anymore. And last week our neighbor Dwayne died. His cat Suki still lives next door, now with his son, but he neglects her, won't let her in the house, so she spends a lot of time in the Bird Park. It is safe and quiet there but, of course, her presence keeps the birds away. While we were there, I fed her anyway because she was hungry and for Dwayne because took her in when she showed up in his back yard a couple of years ago, hungry and lonely. Now she sits on that chair on my porch waiting for me and I am not there. That makes me sad.

And while we were home, I didn't contact any of my writer friends. I told them I would would when I got home but I didn't. I am always reluctant. I don't know why. I'm a freak. And it seemed there was never time enough. Now, we'll be gone till fall. This week we will be with the family in Portland. We're really looking forward to it. After that, we'll drive across the country to Florida and, along the way, we're get to meet Roy. Woo-hoo!

Ps. If you're a writer, painter, reader, thinker and/or conscious person Matt Ashby's article "David Foster Wallace was right: Irony is ruining our culture" is a must read.


Paula said...

Aww, I feel bad for the kitty, too. I can relate to not having enough time to catch up with your peeps in that limited window. One of these days, if you mosey through SoCal, I hope we meet up. :)

Roy said...

Woo hoo!

I understand about the cat situation. Our neighbors had 13 cats and when they moved out they needed to find homes for 6 of them. We took 2. Possibly the worst cat, and the best cat (Pea Pah) we ever had. But yeah, not really conducive to bird parties on the lawn.

Roy said...

Excuse me. Uma is the best kitteh. Of all time. (I don't think she can read, but you can't be too careful.)

asha said...

Paula: Where in SoCal? I will be in LA the first week in July. Any chance we can get together?

Roy: Don't worry. Of course we all know you mean that Uma is the best kitteh of all time. It goes without saying but then, as little ears are always listening, it also cannot be said enough.

someone said...

You are not a freak. Tell Roy hi for me.

asha said...

Hey Judy, thanks and yes, I will. :)