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Monday, June 23, 2014


View from the screen porch
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Arg! The guy next door has been vacuuming his vehicle for going on two hours now. He should know better. He's from California. Hey, buddy! News flash! You will never, ever get rid of all the sand. Get used to it. God! Oh, and guess what? The minute you get in the car.... sand. And don't forget your sand trap kids. And the dog? You guessed it. Sand, sand and more sand. WTF?!


Roy said...

This isn't Sonny Boy, or his dad, right? The guy who was sweeping the rain? Is there some sort of compulsive disorder in the air? Perhaps wafting in from the Gulf? Should we worry if you suddenly become highly focused?

asha said...

Right-o. It's not Sonny Boy or Pops. It's a different neighbor and they're gone now. Moved out. Maybe he was going to trade the car in or he was off his meds. Dunno. Maybe it is the Gulf but whatever it was, he vacuumed the hell out of it. Too bad we didn't get him to do our car while he was in the mood. It's full of sand. And no. No need to worry about me becoming highly focused...unless it IS the Gulf. Hmmmm.... there was that guy who stared an alligator in the eye....