"When truth and compassion part ways, follow compassion." ~ Unknown

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Roadkill Cafe

Taken from my car window
A vulture enjoying a tasty lunch at the Roadkill Cafe., 

Taken from my car window, this fellow did not even consider moving when I stopped to photograph her. And why should she? Who better to the task of cleaning up the dead?
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Roy said...

I'm not buying it. Did you check the vulture's wallet for rental car receipts?

asha said...

Hmmmmmm..... I did not. I think you may be right. It did all seem a little too easy now that you mention it. On the other hand, this is Florida, land of stand your fucking ground. Perhaps, I should just be grateful she let me pass. Much to think about.

Roy said...

Yeah, well, I see; Mr. Squirrel stood HIS ground, and see where it got him. Luckily Ms. Buzzard was in a good mood. (And why NOT??)