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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy dark of the moon and Lunar New Year, 2015

Dark of the moon & Lunar New Year

I really like the Google sky map app. I use others as well but, for a quick look at the heavens, sky map works just fine. This image is from last night about 6:30, but what the hell? As you can see, the sun, moon and Neptune are conjunct in Aquarius and have just disappeared below the Western horizon. Happy dreamy New Age Lunar New Year!


Roy said...

Very cool. I should try to figure out how to get that on my Android "smart" phone. I use "stellarium" on my desk computer, which is pretty nice once you get used to navigating around in it.

asha said...

Stellarium, eh? Hmmmm, I'll have to check it out. :-)

asha said...

The reason that I use and like the google star map app is that it resembles an astrology chart and, being an astrologer, I find that very handy.

Roy said...

I don't think Stellarium would lend itself to astrology. You'd have to do a lot of the figuring yourself, I bet.

I am able to run the clock back to the moment of my birth--it's kind of a cumbersome process, but you can do it.

asha said...

Yes. Sky map has the same feature. It's kind of fun. I'll have to run it back to my bday. Haven't done that. :-)