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Friday, April 10, 2015

Remnant thumbnails

My old camera is haunted. Playback shows videos that aren't there. Today I turned the camera over to M. but he found nothing. Then okay. I must have downloaded them and then forgot I did. I'll go with his diagnosis ... remnant thumbnails, phantoms. So it goes. Like dreams that return to haunt you during the day. Strange memories connected to nothing. I've never gotten along with this particular camera anyway, a Sony Cyber-shot. It takes ok photos but I don't like the way it interacts with my computer and I hate the Sony PlayMemories Home software. Now, M. is taking it and I am getting a Lumix. I liked the Lumix I had before, the one I wore out. The Sony and I were just enemies from the start. Sometimes it's like that.


Roy said...

I bought a similar style camera once--after assuming that, technically, most cameras are more or less equal, I played with 3 or 4 of them at the camera store and bought the one that I was most able to use right off the bat without instruction--the menu system and controls "made sense" to me, and I always got along with that camera.

asha said...

Yes. Might as well get one you're comfortable with, after all, the true eye is in the photographer, not the camera. That, and a helluva lot of chance, are pretty much the deal.