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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Conversation with myselves

Selfie in Istanbul

I just can't keep up with myself, especially when we're traveling. For instance, after two weeks in Istanbul, I have thus far only managed to post something about Flat Thea. 

Three women under an umbrella

Much as I treasure Flat Thea, this doesn't even begin to touch on the experiences we had there and impressions I came away with. My Istanbul album at flickr has several more photos and many more to come. They do represent, at least, some visual record.

Shop outside the Grand Bazaar

They may be as far as I get but they are important to me as, if nothing else, this blog is a conversation between my past and future selves.



Roy said...

I'm afraid I read my own blog sometimes, or at least very old posts, sometimes. Its worth . . . something. A conversation to my future self is as good a description as any. At least we haven't gone so far as to send texts to our future selves. And it might work although there are no guarantees as to the stability of the network once someone decides to hide the Alternate Reality Generator in an old AT&T switching office.

asha said...

Past and future and then there's us, stuck in the middle. Speaking of the ARG, What's Lazlo up to these days?

Roy said...

Never thought of it that way, we being but intermediaries between our future and past selves, yet held in a kind of tension between the two. Life is like a rubber band, I always say.

asha said...

Right, and the truck is to not get caught in the SNAP.

Roy said...

Alright. These are my people. The National Geographic Genome Project results say so. Anatolia...but the hat on the left looks suspiciously like a large, inverted gold lamme purse.