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Monday, July 27, 2015

Another cold day in London

Me and Swami
warmer days in Segovia

Another gray cold day in London. Accuweather, which "guarantees superior accuracy" promised it wouldn't rain today. But I just checked again, you should always check again when you're using Accuweather, and now it says "rain starting in 65 minutes" and counting. Rain with a high of 67°. I'm gobbling my oatmeal and swigging down my coffee. We leave in 20 minutes. We're walking over, picking up M's mum because today we're taking her to tour the Houses of Parliament. At certain times, they allow us ordinary people to swarm the place with our cameras to do our selfies in front of all the famous statues. Swami is coming. He loves that shit. Well, actually he just humors me.


Roy said...

Sometimes the best we can hope for is that if it does rain, it was statistically improbable. This is also probably why we always look back on those times before we knew too much with a certain nostalgia.

Gah I'm in a great mood! It's not the existential angst--it's the humidity.

asha said...

And rain it did, but not all day. That's the second best thing we can hope for on days like these.

Great mood? Fabulous. I much prefer humidity to cold.