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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Crown of Aragon

We're leaving for the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya in a few minutes so I'm gobbling down my oatmeal and hurriedly slurping my coffee as I write this. The museum is famous for its collection of Gothic art, all from territories once ruled by the Crown of Aragon. M. loves Gothic art so he's really looking forward to it ... me not so much ... though I do enjoy the strange old faces of Gothic baby Jesus and I want to see anything from the world ruled by the Crown of Aragon.

Photos to follow.


Roy said...

That is so cool. You know -- I am descended from nobility from the Kingdom of Naples, which I just now learned was under the Crown of Aragon in the 14th - 15th centuries. So, if it turns out I have a castle or something and you run across it, just tell them I said you could stay for a few nights.

You're WELcome.

asha said...

Wow, Count DeGregory! Very generous of you to extend the invitation. We shall do our best to avail ourselves of a castle here. Thank you very much.

Roy said...

Looked up names in Malta, found the relatively rare name, "Grigori," did a search, pulled up millions of Italian blogs, translated the first one:

Pilotaggio della realtà e ripristino cosciente del benessere psicofisico
Piloting of reality and conscious recovery of psycho-physical

Meanwhile, happy traveling. Anxiously await pics of Gothic stuff.