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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Photo jam at the Barcelona Cathedral

Busking is a hard job, especially during this damn heatwave.

Barcelona - "Headless man" working crowd for donations

At the time I took this photo it didn't occur to me to give the guy a donation. I feel kind of bad about that now as I was enjoying his performance. He must have been sweltering in that costume.

Barcelona - Crone in black working crowd for donations

And the "crone" must have been really hot in all that black. I do not know her circumstances but she is not as old as she would like people to believe. For that reason, I felt less sympathetic to her and don't feel bad for not giving her a donation. Also, I didn't like the way she stuck her Jesus can out at people and rattled it. It came off like, "Hey tourist. Gimme some money!". 

Smoke break for the "headless man" and "crone in black" - Barcelona

But then again,  everyone is frazzled by the heat. A much needed, friendly smoke and coke break in the shade of an old Roman wall.

Smoke break for the "headless man" and "crone in black" 2 - Barcelona

On the plaza and cathedral steps, the photo jam rocks on.

Every direction I looked, people were either posing for or taking photos.


Roy said...

It looks hot. I checked the weather and I see Barcelona has the same MI ("miserable index") as Kansas City, which is miserable, indeed.

asha said...

Miserable...indeed. Fucking hot. And now that we are leaving Barcelona, it is supposed to cool down. What's up with that? How's KC? Finally cooling down or what?

Roy said...

Since I am not leaving KC, it is actually going to get a little hotter next week. And no beautiful old museums to look at! We do have panhandlers, though--and at least one of them I know likes to rattle his damn can at me--usually after I have already walked by, as if to say, "don't forget to feel guilty for the next half-block." And it works. However, I'll be damned if I'll pay a toll to walk on the public sidewalk. So . . . damned either way--I'm good to go.
Happy traveling!

asha said...

At first I read that he rattled his CAT at you! That was weird and would NOT be ok.

There's a jerk here who sits on the street in Barcelona with his dog who he makes wear a cone for sympathy. The asshole has a sign in Catalan so I can't read it but I know it's some version of.... "can't pay vet bill. please help". The dog has totally given up and just lies there depressed. Every time we walk by this shit weasel we fantasize about going over and giving him a swift kick. At least then his plea for help with medical coverage wouldn't be a lie... but we walk on and the poor dog just continues to suffer. It sucks.

Roy said...

LOL. Understandable mistake. I wrote "damn can" when usually damn goes with Yankee, or cat.
Dumb dog owner guy should have cones put on his wrists so he can't abuse his dog, or hold his can.

asha said...

Exactly. Or he should have tho cone on his sorry head. It is, after all, the cone of shame.