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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Windy Brighton

Yesterday was Kathy's last full day here so we went to Brighton to see the palace and today she leaves for Moscow then back to the States. Brave lady, 85 and traveling alone.

Kathy and M. at the Royal Pavilion

Brighton was windy as hell but, OMG, the royal pavilion was wildly and insanely extravagant. George IV drained the kingdom building it then, basically, ate himself to death there. Sorry, again, photos not allowed but you can get an idea here. Stingy policy, if you ask me.

Minerva at the beach

In any case, Minerva loved the beach.



Roy said...

I remember seeing comments on photography sites about so many places in UK that won't allow pictures. In one castle, the policy was you could carry in your small camera, but if you had a DSLR or anything that looked "professional" you couldn't take it inside. And of course no tripods! A different attitude. But stingy.

asha said...

Yes. It's infuriating and small minded.

Anonymous said...

Brighton! John and I were there but somehow missed the palace. That's where my older brother lived.

asha said...

WOW! I had no idea. We really don't talk enough. Can't wait to sit down with you over tea! I've never really heard many details of your travels.