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Saturday, October 3, 2015


Modern art at London's Tate Modern
Life or art? Who imitates who?
Art installation at Tate Modern
August 20, 2015
George Monbiot, author and blogger at the UK Guardian, recently launched the hashtag #extremecivilisation and invited suggestions. Here, for your reading pleasure, is an excerpt from his blog at the Guardian listing some of the modern breakthroughs by today's geniuses which are sure to make our lives better and easier on planet Earth.

There may be flowing water on Mars. But is there intelligent life on Earth?
~George Monbiot

A couple of weeks ago I launched the hashtag #extremecivilisation, and invited suggestions. They have flooded in. Here are just a few of the products my correspondents have found. All of them, as far as I can tell, are real.

An egg tray for your fridge that syncs with your phone to let you know how many eggs are left. A gadget for scrambling them – inside the shell. Wigs for babies, to allow “baby girls with little or no hair at all the opportunity to have a beautifully realistic hair style”.The iPotty, which permits toddlers to keep playing on their iPads while toilet training. A £2,000 spider-proof shed. A snow sauna, on sale in the United Arab Emirates, in which you can create a winter wonderland with the flick of a switch. A refrigerated watermelon case on wheels: indispensable for picnics – or perhaps not, as it weighs more than the melon. Anal bleaching cream, for… to be honest, I don’t want to know. An “automatic watch rotator” that saves you the bother of winding your luxury wrist-candy. A smartphone for dogs, with which they can take pictures of themselves. Pre-peeled bananas, in polystyrene trays covered in clingfilm; Just peel back the packaging.



Roy said...

Pre-peeled bananas would be pretty hard to beat

I note here that Firefox does not recognize the word "pre-peeled" and therefore is doomed to fall behind the crest of the techno-wave (WHAT THE F*CK IT HAS THE WORD "TECHNO-WAVE.")

but what about the M&M? Huh? I ask you.

All I really want is a wireless key fob car door locker that also alerts me if any of the windows are not rolled all the way up, because if I'm too stupid to remember to lock the car doors while I'm standing by the door (and I am...too stupid, and also, ALWAYS standing by the door at some point when I exit the car) then I probably will forget one or all of the windows is also down therefore rendering said door locking moot. But, hey. What, as they say, do I know? I'm only one man. I am not a robot.

asha said...

The Techo-wave leaves Google behind. There's irony for you. And I can appreciate that because I am not a robot. I'm not!