"When truth and compassion part ways, follow compassion." ~ Unknown

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Allen Rickman, farewell.

WTF?! Now Allen Rickman dies? I'm not prepared for all this. David Bowie now him? Damn. Meanwhile, out in the Bird Park, the Flicker eagerly pummeled one apple to a husk and is now working on another. Her day is off to a good start anyway.

So, Allen Rickman. I loved that guy. They say his irrepressible glimmer redefined Hollywood's idea of villainy. Whatever the role, he was a great actor and, as I read, a wonderfully intelligent, kind man. This clip even brought a tear to my eye. What more can I say?

As Joshua Madoc wrote, "By Grabthar's Hammer, Sir, by the suns of Warvan... you shall be dearly missed."


Roy said...

That scene was so good on so many levels, but mainly only because Alan Rickman could take a schlockey line and make it the most cinematic moment of the movie.

asha said...

It is excellent, isn't it? And, you're right, it took a master to make it so.