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Thursday, February 11, 2016

This Land is MY Land, quoeth the Cliven

Many thanks to William Valenti for writing this song and making the video. Plus, as I live in the Great State of Nevada, seems only fitting to repost it here.

And, to celebrate the arrest of Cliven Bundy last night at Portland's PDX, here's a link to a snippet from the "rebel radio broadcast of the remaining last four psycho idiots "holed up" at the Malheur Refuge. As these bone heads love "holing up" so much, they are going to LOVE jail.


Since this morning these last four "freedom" fighters at Malheur have surrendered. Now begins the long clean-up.

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Roy said...

Yeah no shit. Like, "Pardon me but I beg to differ." **thwack** (sound of arrow)