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Monday, June 27, 2016

Amarillo by nightfall

Day Two - Flagstaff to Amarillo - 608 mi 

 Flagstaff was fine, another Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. 

Land of the free
Land of the free

Don't mind us, wild things. Just passing through.

Texas afternoon
Texas afternoon

I feel sorry for the residents of Amarillo. In spite of the beautiful sky and having a gigantic wind farm nearby, Amarillo Texas sucked. Perhaps we put too much emphasis on dinner but, after another long day on the road, it's very important. So here's the deal. Don't eat at the The 806, a cafe, lounge, and bar with music at night unless you feel like lounging because, above all, The 806 is a 20-something lounge.

Amarillo's 806 Lounge
we lounged an hour in the far right corner of the big couch

We waited an hour for what turned out to be little more than, as M. Lee put it, a bread sandwich. He  reviewed it on Happy Cow with a titled, "Unspeakably bad and lame". My cheese sandwich wasn't so bad but the diet coke was flat and warm. On the other hand, his "bread sandwich" which was thin bread smeared with a thin veneer of hummus—super lamebut the guy working his ass off behind the counter, probably his first job, was a nice kid. And we did manage to escape before the music started.


Roy said...

So it's not just me. There IS something wrong with Amarillo, Texas.

asha said...

Oh yes. There's something very wrong with Amarillo, Texas. To begin with, it's in Texas.

Roy said...

I always thought it was because Amarillo was about 1 millisecond behind the rest of the universe, never quite able to catch up, always ju-uuust out of sync, and slightly stale and unfresh.