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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Clinton - Trump Town Hall debate

This extract from a Metafilter discussion of tonight's town hall debate between Clinton and Trump is of another failed attempt by predator Trump to be "presidential". Cooper is one of the debate moderators.
COOPER: you grab women's genitals, that's sexual assault, do you understand that?

TRUMP: I never said that, I don't think you understand this is locker room talk. So many terrorist organizations around the world cutting off heads it's crazy around the world, Yes it's locker room talk and I hate it but I will knock the hell out of ISIS and. . .

COOPER: You're saying you didn't kiss women or grope women without their consent?

TRUMP" I have great respect for women. We're going to make America safe again

COOPER: Have you ever done that?

TRUMP: No I haven't.
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Source: "Don't modulate the key then not debate with me via Metafilter
As for me, I voted for Hillary before leaving on this trip. At the moment we're sitting at Los Angeles International Airport. Our flight to Thailand via Taiwan leaves at midnight.


Roy said...

I am still waiting for the other shoe to fall. I'm sure there are many such shoes, being held aloft over Trump's head for a release time a bit closer to voting day. The good news now seems to be that from what commentators on TV are saying, it is over, that Trump's chances of winning this election steadily approach zero.
I will forever be in amazement at the things Trump has said while still being allowed, if you can say allowed, to run for a high office. If you had a list of stupid, offensive, outrageous things he has said to date, (it would be a long list) it seems that any reasonable society would have knocked this guy off his podium long,long ago, after the first few dozen or so. I think possibly most of us are confusing Reality TV with reality. You don't just sit on your sofa and watch it. Or do you? Not you . . . you know what I mean.

asha said...

I wonder the same things. This guy has no substance whatsoever yet can command an audience. He panders to the meanest most loathsome (if they can be called) qualities across the board. That he got this far is
chilling. On the other hand, Trump is a the natural outcome of Republican pandering. The tea party movement was born out of it and now Trump. He is the stink blossom born from shit.