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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Day after yesterday

I am stunned and angry. Thanks third party voters and people who sat this one out. Thanks sexist women and men who think you need a cock to be President. Thanks Democratic Party for nominating the "next in line". This is on you.

At least for now, this article in the New York Times, An American Tragedy by David Remnick, and this one in The Guardian, Donald Trump is moving into the White House and liberals put him there by Thomas Frank, will have to stand in for my thoughts and feelings on the deplorable, dismaying, disasterous outcome of the Presidential election.

It's still Nov. 9 here in Bangkok and now 7 PM. People in America are just waking up to what will now be (if we're lucky only) a four year election hangover. Me? I'm done for today.


Roy said...

I heard Canada's immigration web site crashed last night due to too many URL requests. Ha.
So, welcome to the brave new world.
We are screwed.

asha said...

Thia is surreal. I'm gutted. On the bright side, Trump actually is a better pick than Cruz or Rubio, even Bush if you get right down to it, because Bush is strictly party line. Sorry. That's the best I can say right now. :(

Roy said...

I don't think we should become obstructionists over this--the Captain Queeg effect might pertain--but I definitely think we should resist and push back the "normalization" of Trump, which would give him far too much power. The center, in my mind, is still where it used to be, despite the presence of Trump. I want to believe he is a statistical outlier and that the waves will wash him away. But, I guess, we must make the waves.