“The road from appearance to reality is often very hard and long, and many people make only very poor travelers. We must forgive them when they stagger against us as if against a brick wall.” —Franz Kafka

Monday, November 7, 2016

Message from the front side of tomorrow

Good news. It's almost over.

It's Nov. 7 in America but, here in Bangkok, Nov. 8 has already begun. That means the reality TV/psychodrama  we-are-fucking-SICK-of-it-can-it-be-over-already Nov. 8th US Presidential election day has finally begun somewhere in the world.

Well, the Bangkok air quality index has been in the red alert zone for a few days, and maybe it's election stink, but today the pressure is off. The index is back down to a more livable moderate yellow so, somewhere anyway, things are looking up.

Still, we all have to wait a few more hours to find out who wins. Will it be Hillary? If Trump looses will he sue America? Will life go on from here? But Time is a tough master. As usual, we'll have live our way to the answers. 

Bangkok - shrine along Sukhumvit 22
Shrine off of Sukhumvit 22

However, I do know this. There can be light at the end of a dark passage. I have seen it. I even photographed it for proof. So, stay strong. If you haven't already . . .  go vote for her! See you on the other side.

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