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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Other places . . .

On the move again.

Other places - Bangkok letterbox
Bangkok mailbox

At the moment we're back in Taiwan, the rainy island

Here I Am
Taipei Cultural Center

which is either a sovereign country or renegade province

Back in Taiwan
Rainy day in Taipei

depending on who you talk to.

Taiwan must get independence
Sovereign movement

Tomorrow we fly back to the U.S.

Tag poem
Photo tags poem

for Christmas with family and friends.

Christmas in Taipei
Snowman in Taipei

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone . . .
the kids, still overwhelmingly sweet, raucous and innocent
and the adults, cherished friends. Ain't life grand?!

Open when not closed
Open when not closed . . .
- Taipei shop -

I can't wait to commiserate with them about the goddam fuck show of a
U.S. Presidential election. Trump? What irony! America's self-appointed
new-age elitists, good ol' boy women and the USSR jointly elected an
impulsive, revenge driven, gold-plated vaudeville scammer.
America has fallen through the trapdoor. 

Batterred typewriter in Taipei, Taiwan
Life in the gap
- Taipei -

Then, after the first of the year, it's back out into the dirty old world again.

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