Saturday, January 21, 2017

Americans protest Trump nationwide

Protester at 100K march
Portland Oregon
The Big News today, the gigantic event that took place today, January 21, 2017, is that millions of Americans protested the swearing in of the most vile, sexist, racist, liar, the most corrupt, the most compromised, toxic, hate-spewing, stupid, impulse driven creep to ever darken the door the White House ... Traitor Donald Jackass Trump.

Trump is nothing more than a statistical anomaly from the twilight zone. He lost the popular vote by a greater margin than any President in the history of the United States. It is only because of the outdated "electoral college" that he now wields immeasurable power but . . .  We are stronger. This loser didn't even have the balls to attend his first press conference. Weak. #notmypresident.

100K turn out in Portland Oregon to protest Trump

P.S. 6h6 hours ago
Dearest Donald, you started losing in what you care for the most: rating. That's right! Big mouth, lousy actions and small crowds cheering.

The numbers speak for themselves

I'm in Bangkok but I'm there in spirit. We will prevail.

Trump's inaugural parade

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