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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Crows like Ol' Roy

I don't know how good it is for them but clearly the crows at the Bird Park prefer Ol' Roy puppy chow to other brands. Magpies too. In fact, I tried Pedigree puppy chow and the squirrel was the only one willing to finish it up. And just to be clear, I am not doing a commercial here. I'm noting it in case someone happens upon this post who likes feeding birds and the occasional squirrel. Nothing more. And no. Don't feed birds cat chow. Too rich. Another reason to feed puppy chow is that the bits are smaller therefore easier to swallow. That is all.


Roy said...

O-oooold Roy. Crows like'm, dogs like'm ... cat's are somewhat critical of him.

asha said...

Cats....whatareyagonnsdo? They look down on everyone.

Roy said...

Everyone's a critic. It's always meow meow meow. Get a face book page.