Good news

After writing such a grim New Years day and decade post I felt obliged to end by promising good news next. Within a few hours Roy, one of the two people who read this blog with any regularity, demanded I deliver. Damn. Thanks, Roy—but— fair is fair. I did promise.

Ok. Here's one thing. I wrote a poem yesterday and plan to submit it to Rattle before their mid-month deadline. I will report on how that goes.

Please post your good news in the comment section, if you have any. Now that Trumpty Dumpty has started a war with Iran I'd appreciate all the good news I can get.


Roy said...

Yay! That qualifies as good news. Good luck! Break a nib. Whatever you say for that.
The good news here: well . . . no news is good news.

asha said...

Come on. You have to have some actually, quantifiable good news. There's always something. You made me dig something up. Now it's your turn.