Watchful waiting in the Old Garden

Passed Eleanor do Antiga Jardim and one of her peachicks on the street the other day. She honked at me when I photograph them which is totally understandable. Also saw a black rabbit in a nearby park the other day.  She was also, understandably, suspicious of me, not that I meant her any harm but how could she know that? I'm worried she's there. Probably someone "dumped" her there. It's not a suitable place for a lone rabbit. I need to call the animal shelter. And on a lighter note, I saw one of the peacocks was standing alone on the sidewalk in the sun this morning. Didn't photograph him.

The mysterious "wild" Black Bunny
Doctor Miguel texted last night about 11 PM regarding the results of my recent lung biopsy. It does not appear to be a re-occurrence of the myoepithelial carcinoma so they are recommending watchful waiting. This means, another CT scan in three months and, if that's clear, we'll go to semester scans.


Roy said...

I'm glad to hear you're still getting a clean bill of health. Great news!
One of Mendel's rabbits?

asha said...

Hi Roy. Thanks. Me too. As for the bunny, it's odd. She just showed up. I'm thinking someone "dumped" her there. Shes in a tiny park in a residential part of town. Well, the town is mostly residential anyway but not a good place for a bunny to be.