One star universe

Have you ever seen the stars, I mean all the stars visible from your place on earth? Years ago, living in New York city, I usually saw only one star from my hotel room window at night. I have been lucky enough to see them at other times and places but, sadly, perhaps most of us alive today, or at least those of us living in developed countries, have never seen the night sky as it really is, have not peered into the black ocean wherein we on earth float. It is an ocean in which an inconceivable number of stars and universes . . . so bright, some seemingly close, and all so so far away . . . silently float. When you see them, at least for a moment, you might get an inkling of how immeasurably, how infinitesimally small we are, and our beautiful planet with its beautiful speck of a companion moon.

However, there are places on earth where seeing this is still possible. If you care to know, this map includes those areas


Roy said...

Just a couple of times. Once, while camping in the Mojave Desert when I was a kid, and once in the Santa Cruz Mountains just north of Santa Cruz. It's humbling and wonderful.

asha said...

It is, isn't it. Everyone should have a chance to see the unfettered night sky.