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Monday, February 27, 2012

Etude's return

Etude 02.24.12
Etude 02.24.12
I'm shocked. Etude's back!


Justsomerandomguy001 said...

How prescient thou Art. In my case, which, I realize the way I write appears to be the only case--up close and fleshed out I ain't so me me me --I was going to write at my new splendiferous blog that I feel like a tiny man in a small plastic boat bobbing about in bathtub.

And I miss suppositories. When a coitain person had an asthma episode my mother or myself--I was quite young--would lather it in Vaseline and shove the Amynophylline[sp?] up my arse.
The affects were note worthy. Extreme agitation and a hideous sense of foreboding that my life would be shit. You see, I had the gift back then.

Justsomerandomguy001 said...

It's coming up to April--blogging is over.
You and Roy are two of the good ones. Maybe I'll see you and him in another 5 years or so, if we are three alive.

"I tried to communicate. I was unsuccessful."


(There are many ways of reading.)

Roy said...

Rob if you see this, thanks, and keep kicking ass.

Etude, with your one-dimensional dynamic range and ear for a good tune, you inspire on a higher level.