Monday, March 9, 2015

Rest in peace, Sam

"I want medical experiments on animals stopped.
They don't do anything, and they don't work,"
~ Sam Simon

Sad day. Sam Simon, co-creator and producer of "The Simpsons", died today at the age of 59. Of course, I love the Simpsons and thank him and cartoonist Matt Groening for that, but even more I love that Sam, who earned tens of millions annually from the show, donated his entire fortune to charity, including many foundations working to secure animal rights and welfare. Thank you, Sam. You will be missed.

"Veganism is an answer for almost every problem facing the world
in terms of hunger and climate change.
~ Sam Simon

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sap Moon

Source: Four Mile Lab

There are many names for it among Native Americans, Sap Moon, Little Spring Moon, Snow Crust Moon. calls it micro-moon and mini-moon. In any case, tonight's full moon (exact at 4:05 p.m. PST /18:05 UTC) is the smallest full moon of the year because today is also the lunar apogee – which means the moon is at it's farthest point from earth. Today it is 30,000 miles (48280 km)farther away from Earth than the full supermoon and the Northern Hemisphere’s Harvest Moon which both happen later this year.

So, enjoy the Sap Moon. The bees are. Today, finally, they showed up. I was very concerned that spring had come too early because the pussy willow tree are blooming and, unlike years past, no bees have come to harvest its abundant pollen and enjoy its delicious, rich sap. But today, on Sap Moon, they arrived and the tree is filled with their buzzing.

Source: Condesign and Pixabay

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

News at 08:21

Ok. Time to crank the wheel and roll this page down. The world has given Mr. Spock a loving, sad farewell and now it's time to move on.

So.... as for today.... not a lot going on here in Nevada, at least outside my window. A grackle is currently strolling through the Bird Park. A covey of quail are out nibbling seed, along with the new resident doves. A few red wing black birds are on the feeders. The lovely flicker pair are gobbling the apples along with several starlings. And, as always, finches are hopping around. They are the first to arrive and the last to go.

And, of course, Maggie Magpie is keeping an eye on things. At the moment she is perched in the now dead aspen tree I planted several a few years ago. Big mistake. Runners started popping up everywhere. I've since read that the aspen holds the world's record for largest living organism on earth. Yes. That lovely, whispering forest, which in autumn turns the mountain side brilliant gold, is one tree. One. Learn from my mistake. Don't plant one in your front yard. You will be mowing it forever.

But my little grove of three, that's right, I planted three, my little grove of three died. Guess I got lucky. It's kind of ugly but I had them topped and left their trunks standing so the birds could perch in them. Sooner or later I will remove them because it looks stupid but, for now, they stand and Maggie is sitting in one.

So. Have a good day or at least a day.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Whatever alternate universe you travel, be well Mr. Spock

Back in my acid days, I held out hope that Mr. Spock

Photo source: Emmy TV Legends

 would beam me up so I could apprentice with him.
Who knows? Perhaps he will yet. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Remember Sunder?

If you love happy endings, you're going to love this one.

If you were one of the thousands of people who signed the petitions and/or donated to Sunder's legal expenses.... thank you, thank you. He is now free and lives in India's first ever free-roaming, forested, elephant sanctuary established by PETA India, Bannerghata Biological Park. Petitions work. Keep caring. Keep signing!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Me and Dali

They say the camera doesn't lie....
but does it?

MOCA (Museum of Modern Art), Bangkok

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy dark of the moon and Lunar New Year, 2015

Dark of the moon & Lunar New Year

I really like the Google sky map app. I use others as well but, for a quick look at the heavens, sky map works just fine. This image is from last night about 6:30, but what the hell? As you can see, the sun, moon and Neptune are conjunct in Aquarius and have just disappeared below the Western horizon. Happy dreamy New Age Lunar New Year!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Archive update

I just added a poem to my poetry archive, AnnaSadhorse. It's one I wrote in 2004 and published here at Language Barrier on August 30, 2005, the day after hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. Anyway, I just got around to adding it to AnnaSadhorse. The imagery is violent, but necessarily so, as it describes a time when light must find us because we cannot find it. It's called Spirit Barrier.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sometimes life's a bitch

Friday's wild storm had gusts up to 90 miles an hour and, between the valley and Lake Tahoe, left 21,000 people without power, some until Sunday. And that night, after the wind knocked down sections of the fence between our houses, it also brought Roxie crying to our door. She's my neighbor's so-called "outside" dog. I realize she's a hardy mix but he left after the storm began and left her out in it, as usual. Don't get me started on "outside" dogs. I will never agree with people who think dogs should live outside, whatever the weather. Fine. Wolves do it but they live in packs and have dens. Dogs are domesticated creatures who also need a pack and a den. Anyone sitting warm and cozy in their fat while their dog huddles alone outside in the rain and cold is an asshole. So, even though her paws were caked with mud, we let her in.

Uninvited guest and the magpies are pissed

And about 2 am we let her back back out again. We had to. She was pacing and whining and beginning to howl. Her "owner" barely interacts with her, so she's basically feral. She doesn't even wag. We felt bad but didn't lose any sleep over it. It's just the way it had to be.

Morning guest. Roxie at the door

Five sections of fence are down and Roxie is still wandering around the three yards that are now open to each other. Fine by me but the birds don't like it. Yesterday morning, she ate most of their kibble and was back at the sliding door begging to come in, even throwing herself at the glass, I handed her some dog treats through the door then closed it again. Sometimes, life's a bitch.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Day in the life of Flat Eric

It's Sunday. I don't know about you but Sunday is my least favorite day drag of a day. And, even if today is not Sunday today, the day you are reading this, but some other day which today, Sunday, is still somewhere off in the hazy, yet-to-be-determined future, or predestined future if you prefer, here is one day in the life of Swami's friend, Flat Eric. I wouldn't exactly say Flat Eric is having the the best of days either but, like today, it is a day.