Monday, July 27, 2009

Here's a couple of thoughts

It seems that most biological mechanisms of action show that life involves far-from-equilibrium conditions beyond the stability of the threshold of the thermodynamic branch. It is therefore very tempting to suggest that the origin of life may be related to successive instabilities somewhat analogous to the successive bifurcations that have lead to a state of matter of increasing coherence. — Ilya Prigogine

Progress, then, is a property of the evolution of life as a whole by almost any conceivable intuitive standard.... Let us not pretend to deny in our philosophy what we know in our hearts to be true. — Edward O. Wilson

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday musings

Today's Daily Thea really knocked me out.

Spring is a great time to be born,
with the entire summer ahead
to kick back and take it all in.

Seems everywhere I look,

babies are doing their thing.

Even the Invisible Theatre has a new little one,
(long o as in true blue)

Lucky for Buug,
Trusty Hawgwahr is there by his side

keeping an eye on things. After all...

you never know who you're going to meet along the way.

Plus having a special friendmakes every adventure a whole lot more fun.

Monday, July 6, 2009

FOUND! Who gives a fuck?

The missing Who Gives a Fuck? icon was found today and, as promised, a grand prize will awarded to the finder.


i just want to make one thing clear. I did not rummage though my archives looking for it. I just happened to find it when I was looking though the E Drive for a photo I want to submit to a magazine. Anyway, I get to choose my prize from three things ... either a peanut TLC bar, a cool Nevada rock, or an ice cold Pepsi.

Seeing as how I just had a bar and the rock is already "mine", as much as anyone can "own" a rock given that the rock is already about a million years old and will still be around when the sun implodes, I'm going to chose the Pepsi, gas station soda fountain in a cup with ice style. We don't drink soda much anymore, not since finally admitting to ourselves how terribly unhealthy it is. So soda. Tomorrow, when I go to Reno, I will buy a soda.

So, there he is. Have at him. ladies. Thanks Asia and JudyBlueSky. It is great to have the little guy back.

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Looking to up your chances of getting published?

Want a fast response to your submission?

Want to know where the pain is?

I just stumbled on this neat ratings site for magazines that publish poetry and fiction. They promise the lowdown on the good, the bad and the ugly.

Check it out. Duotorpe's Digest

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bird Park update,

It's been awhile since I posted any news from the Bird Park but a lot has been going on. This little family was one of the spring highlights. Dwayne says that the parents nested on his side of the fence, under the wood pile.

Fun surprise at about 0:57.

Larger screen here.

Naturally, they brought their little brood to the Bird Park. It was a quail paradise. I say was because the damn FAT neighborhood cats started hunting them. Everyday there was one less baby, until all six were gone! I have reverted to the way I saw my father act a couple of times when protecting us kids. I'll tell you what. Those bastards fly. The second a cat appears in the Bird Park, I drop everything and run out into the yard flailing my arms wildly in the air, yelling growls like a murderous beast. It scares the crap out of those bastards and M. Lee. I can be pretty ferocious when the situation calls for it. Savage. Barbaric. Bestial. Truculent. Positively primeval.

For now, the cats are lying low and that young couple has started hanging out in the Bird Park again although we were looking forward to seeing the usual 30 or 40 quail by this time. It's really peaceful watching them lounge around in the shade of the lilacs, peck for treats in Old Man Hills, take dirt baths by the hour, and nibble up after the finches. But no... the cats ruined all that for awhile.

But in the evening a crow comes with her still downy baby. I chop the peanuts for them. I've been making friends with her and sometimes I can even open the window and toss out a peanut without her flying away. And the 7 o'clock magpie still comes for dinner.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

America has a Chance!

The Daily Thea just arrived in my inbox.
Here's a happy little patriot!
America is reborn and has a Chance!!!!!

Happy 4th, World!

In case you missed it, Baby Thea is wearing her swimsuit.

Reminds me that, for however corny this holiday has become, freedom must be protected and shared, not just with our family and friends, but with the world. After all, everybody is somebody's baby. Including animals.

Don't forget the animals.

They love their babies too.

And friends.

And speaking of animals, here's an update on some famous pals.

Watch this. Find out! Do....

Tarra and Bella go to Hollywood?
Sorry. You have to endure a 14 sec. commercial first
but it's worth it. I promise. Just turn your sound down.

Ps. There is a book though, Tarra & Bella by Carol Buckley. Carol is the director at the Elephant Sanctuary. I pre-ordered one for Baby Thea's first Christmas. I think she's going to like it.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Who gives a fuck?

Asia reminded us about it and JudyBlueSky replied, "I want the icon. I NEED the icon. I AM the icon."


Perhaps I am just being academic but, in case you missed the conversation, I think Mr. Smiley Face's sign said, "WHO GIVES A FUCK?" rather than "WHO GIVES A SHIT?"

But you know how it is. Where once people may have viewed it with a less than passing glance, now that it is lost, this tiny gif is legend, like The One Ring Which Rules Them All. To find it would require battle with titanic forces, in this case, Inertia. Don't laugh. Inertia is responsible, or not responsible, for more of history than exists.

So, you may wonder, why did I lose the Mr. Smiley Face "WHO GIVES A SHIT/FUCK?" icon in the first place? Simple, and here's the moral of the story, I failed to back my icon file up before switching to a new hard drive. However, and this is the good part, the little punk is buried in my blog somewhere but locating it would require an episodic, page by page search. I gave it a quick try but lost heart even though I am looking for a diversion from that inventory of poems I inflicted on myself now that Baby Thea's box is in the mail. sweeten the pot, I am offering a reward to anyone who manages to unearth the damn thing. It is, after all, very tiny and, on it's own, not worth the effort, so if you find it, I will send you a prize, exactly what TBA. Here's a clue. It's probably with posts that are about two years old. Okay. Now, I've gotta get back to work. At the moment, I am tortured by that horrible feeling I get when squandering irreplaceable time. I set out today, after all, to get a poetry submission in the mail before five.