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Saturday, July 4, 2009

America has a Chance!

The Daily Thea just arrived in my inbox.
Here's a happy little patriot!
America is reborn and has a Chance!!!!!

Happy 4th, World!

In case you missed it, Baby Thea is wearing her swimsuit.

Reminds me that, for however corny this holiday has become, freedom must be protected and shared, not just with our family and friends, but with the world. After all, everybody is somebody's baby. Including animals.

Don't forget the animals.

They love their babies too.

And friends.

And speaking of animals, here's an update on some famous pals.

Watch this. Find out! Do....

Tarra and Bella go to Hollywood?
Sorry. You have to endure a 14 sec. commercial first
but it's worth it. I promise. Just turn your sound down.

Ps. There is a book though, Tarra & Bella by Carol Buckley. Carol is the director at the Elephant Sanctuary. I pre-ordered one for Baby Thea's first Christmas. I think she's going to like it.

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