Friday, February 26, 2010

Local news at 6:23 PM

Rainy day. Even the birds stayed away today. I'm going out tonight to spend a little time with some poet friends of mine, Ash Canyon Poets. To their credit, they still meet every Friday night, even now, after Cowee died. Bill. I miss that guy. Anyway, the way I felt all day, I'd rather go to bed and pull the covers over my head but that's no way to live. Plus, I have a poem for the critique.

Seems I lost a directory full of photos and other miscellany during a recent computer upgrade. Shit. Found this one though. I so know that place.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Coffee with oracles

The neighbor's roof line, dark against a lightening sky, high streak cloud catching pink. I am on my second cup of coffee. The magpies are early this morning, accompanied by a noisy crow.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Free Hug Guy gets pranked by #2 Deluxe Hug Guy proving once again what....? that people are idiots? or money can buy happiness? I dunno. Anyway, happy Valentine's Day or Single's Day or whatever. Don't be cynical. It's a day. Share it with somebody, even if it's just your dog. What the hell?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The examined life

Portland. I am here to take care of Baby Thea while my daughter and her husband move back into their home but the move has been delayed since Monday and we are yet uncertain if the floor is dry enough to put furniture on it. If anything can go wrong ... so we wait and, other than the fact that I can't indulge my coffee habit, it's not so bad. We are staying at his parents' house. They are very gracious people, mellow, smart, educated, animal lovers, gardeners ie. all around nice, easy to get along with. And it doesn't hurt that they have a very comfortable home. Unfortunately, the time I have to help is running out. I return to Nevada next Tuesday, but that is no reason to rush things. The newly refinished floors will be good for 50 years so a day or two delay is worth the wait. Plus, who wants to look at a gouge or claw mark on the floor forever thinking, "God! If we'd only waited another two days!"

And because of the delay, I got to spend a night at my friend judybluesky's house. That was a treat. I haven't done an overnight at a girl friend's house since I don't know when. We should plan a getaway weekend. They're great. Remind me.

Other than that, this has been a time of much inner reflection. It has been prompted as much by the season, internal winter, a time of reflection, a time to recalibrate, the dreaming seed preparing for the coming light, as it is a natural response to being at loose ends. I am reminded that an inventory of what is, and is not, working in my life is due. One can run on automatic only so long before an overhaul is required. But it's work. All the pieces are on the table for a closer look. Some things have to go. Some priorities need to be bumped up, re-grouped, re-listed, de-listed, some set aside for an even closer look. Not particularly fun but you know what they say about the unexamined life.