Monday, August 29, 2011

Frida Kahlo the Squirrel RIP

This is a post I did not want to write. I've been putting if off for weeks as though writing it would make it so. But we're leaving Florida in the morning and heading back to Nevada so it's time to wrap things up around here.

Frida Kahlo stashing a peanut

I am very sad to report that Frida Kahlo the squirrel is MIA and almost certainly dead. And I'm feeling pretty guilty because I played a part. I've been feeding a lot of squirrels and birds all summer and, of course, the inevitable happened. A hawk noticed and started hanging around. Then Frida vanished.

Frida stashing a nut

She's gone. It's been weeks. We both really miss her and feel the great big empty place she left behind. That probably sounds odd. After all, what kind of relationship can you have with a squirrel? But we got really attached to her. Frida had moxie. I'm embarrassed to use that word, it's corny, but it fits her. Every morning, while the other squirrels were busy chasing each other around the yard arguing over who could have a peanut, Frida was busy licking then stashing all the peanuts, one by one, into separate hiding places.

Frida enjoying a morning peanut.

And when I threw peanuts down from the balcony, all the squirrels took off except Frida. She'd look me in the eye, cup her hands and wait for the toss.

Frida ascends her pineapple palm.

Then, once everything was done and tucked away, she'd scamper up into her pineapple palm to savor a peanut in peace. No one dared approach her in her tree. Frida Kahlo the squirrel was like Frida Kahlo the painter... as they say... una perra nacida... born a bitch.

Frida Kahlo savoring a peanut in her favorite pineapple palm tree

That tree was hers and hers alone, and even though she's gone, it's still empty.

Ghost of Frida Kahlo visiting us.

That is except recently one morning. M. Lee call me to come quick to the window, that the ghost of Frida Kahlo had come back to say goodbye. It looked like her. It felt like her. And no, we haven't seen her since but I get the feeling that, wherever she is, Frida Kahlo is doing just fine.


Roy said...

Poor Frida. I'm sorry. It sounds like she did an excellent job being a squirrel and had an effect that went beyond her.

asha said...

:) Thanks, Roy. You're right. She was pretty amazing. Silly as this may sound, I'm better for knowing her.

Type 2 diabetes said...

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Roy said...

I couldn't resist checking out that diabetes spam. What a reckless, dangerous attitude about medication! As someone who takes Metformin because they have to, all I can say is, holy shit, go get a real job, or sell Amway or something.

asha said...

Roy, I'm torn. Even though T2d is a spammer the comment was made by a real person, and he liked reading about squirrels ;) so... as you have kindly debunked his bogus "medical" advice, for now at least, I'll let his comment remain.

Roy said...

I noticed that someone had to read your blog, I assume, and it was not some sophisticated word recognition program. Don't know why that tripped my trigger like that. I sure wish I could quit taking metformin, though.

Kimberlee said...

Maybe Frida caught wind of the Hawk and she is currently hiding out with her stash waiting out his presence. She probably sent that other, not so smart, squirrel in for misdirection. That or I've been reading too many Dean Koontz novels lately!

asha said...

Roy, I'm really glad you spoke up. Please never hesitate to do that, at least around here! I thank you.

Kimberlee, I want to think you are right and held out for Frida returning up to our last day in Florida and, though I never give up on those happy endings, I needed to, you know, do some kind of "closure" before we left. But, if you ask me, Frida is doing just fine... somewhere... and I named the new squirrel who recently showed up and took an immediate liking to the sunflower seeds, Fridasdatter as in ... ;)

someone said...

I just think you should never be afraid to use an overused word. Moxie is a perfectly good word.

So sorry about your friend. I don't know east coast squirrels, but they might know weather is coming and hide out.

Just sayin'.

Ever in denial, your friend, Judybluesky

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someone said...

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