Friday, September 2, 2011

Trip notes

We're in Kingman Arizona for the night. One more day and we'll be home but I'm really missing Florida. I miss Alligator Creek, the little house and the pineapple palms and I miss Frida Kahlo the squirrel and her friends. I miss all the critters who sing in the night. I miss the egrets and ibises. I miss the congregations of little plovers scurrying in and out with the waves. I miss watching the squadrons of venerable pelicans pass overhead, wings outstretched, gliding the thermals like ancient gods. I miss the Great Blue Heron who likes to people watch at the beach. I miss the friends we discovered there. I miss the gulf.

I am reading 'Love in the Time of Cholera' by Gabriel García Márque as we drive across the country.

When we were in Dallas the other day we ate dinner at Kalachandji's, the very excellent vegetarian restaurant at the Hare Krishna temple. I lived at that temple many years ago.

Must sleep now. We have to drive through rush hour in Las Vegas tomorrow morning.


Roy said...

There must be a reason Las Vegas is so far from Florida, and I think it is so people don't just explode and shatter as they move too abruptly from one to the other as they head west.

Safe travels. The word verification is "strandia" which at first glance does not seem to bode well, but forewarned is forearmed. Do not get stranded in strandia.

Kimberlee said...

Good luck leaving Las Vegas;) I've never been but I hear there is a big fountain maybe you can take a dip on your way through!

Paula said...

I've had that book for a long time, but never got around to it. Enjoy your travels.

asha said...

Roy, I'm sure you are quite right. The gods very wisely put a lot of distance between Florida and Vegas. Otherwise, it would be too much. By the time we reached the desert and its bizarre and singular attractions, it all seemed somehow normal again.

Kimberlee, We should all "do" Vegas sometime starting with tasty Bánh mì sandwiches and coconut buns in Chinatown then on to the Bellagio fountain and the town, although you will have to endure my rant about how the casino is stealing the water from the coyotes. :)

Paula, I am really enjoying the book and highly recommend it.

Roy said...

If anyone is doing LV, keep me in the loop!

Kimberlee said...

If there is coconut buns from Chinatown I'm in however the hurdle is to get Ricardo to say yes? Maybe if we throw in renting a VW van to camp in the Grand Canyon?

I could probably do some tap dancing on the streets of Vegas to pay for the rental!

asha said...

Roy, you bring your guitar. Kimberlee, bring your dancing shoes. We'll get intoxicated on coconut buns, do Vegas and wake up with sugar hangovers in the Grand Canyon. Delicioso, ¿no?

Paula.... you in?