Saturday, February 25, 2012

Conservative Chickens

Looking for something to go along with your morning coffee or whatever? Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi just published an excellent article on the Electric Conservative Paranoia Acid Test. Check it out.


Justsomerandomguy001 said...

Darling Ashteroth, Wo/man and Poet,

Deleted 2, foundling one is thee sword of Eden dot blogspot dot com.

"loud applause, and shouting and excitement as the old mystery play of St. George, in which every man Present had acted as a boy, proceeded, with banging and thumping of club and Dripping PAN.
"'By Jove, I got a crack once, when I was playin' Beelzebub, ' said Tom Brahming, his eyes full of water and laughing. 'It knocked all th' sense out of me as you'd crack an egg. But I tell you, when I came to, I played Old Johnny Roger with St. George, I did that.'"

Please, um, don't delete me dear one. The novel ah'm writing, no one will recognize themselves and though it's autobiographical, the short fat white red headed bloke has virtually disappeared.
I would love to send my first chapter to you, if it is possible, after ave written it. I understand you will tell me the truth.
Mind, ame thankful many of my comments were deleted by various editors and friends.



Roy said...

I've written and erased two comments here already. I don't know what to say. I would probably be even more upset if I were a Republican, because, damn.

Justsomerandomguy001 said...

It's a grim line up of conservatives, sure. You have the crazed Libertarian whose zeal for the "free market" is a less-than-private religion.
The bloke from central casting who's snore city.
The embittered historian who probably wants to take out a contract on America, and sundry Christian wack-jobs for light relief.
Oh well, laff your way to the polls, s'ppose, step over the chads.
No one has the balls to do the dark voodoo and bring in a health system like Canada's or Australia's--and that's a scandal.
Get on to my Uncle about it. He's changing, and for the better.

Yaknow, the very words nomedu gap nservaiu...add Spiritus Sancntus and Praise the Father. :)

Don said...

Yeah, I stopped paying attention to them awhile ago. One consequence of this is that I never know how much news is satire. As a sort-of conservative of sorts, I see a couple places where Taibbi actually says something I would say is a useful distortion, something that is Obviously Not True about his straw-man conservatives ... but only a couple places, and so I really only feel I'm missing the joke. Meanwhile, the four men he's writing about strike me as actors in a scripted reality show and it's important to note I never watch reality shows.

R Paul is interesting, as he has integrity to go along with his special brand of lunacy. I haven't the classical education to know, but surely he fills a well-known role in this tragic comedy, a sort of prophetic conscience brought to earth not to help his side win, but to awaken keener minds to how fup-ucked everything has become. He does not offer good answers but does inspire scary questions.

Some conservative I am: I just took one of my polymorphous perverse fellow travelers for a weekend in Bolinas and we loved the place.

Justsomerandomguy001 said...

Tell it like it is, Don. You do it so well.
The time the Hanna Barberra mob sort themselves they can go up 'gainst Goofy and omnipresent Goober.
The only thing I would like to see is a decent health system... Repub and DemocRAT people want it going by polling.
The revolving door and wheel barrows of money say no.
Where did American Can do go?
"hatiopro sendin" Send in the clowns and the prostitutes throw their hats in the air.
Oh well e'ry body hates limbering polly posies. I'd make a parrot Proconsul and make it official