Monday, February 20, 2012

Predominantly Inattentive

That's me. Predominantly Inattentive. I keep going back to this because the term is a relatively new update to the ADHD thing and fits me like the proverbial missing piece. As for strategies for "afflicted adults"? Wikipedia covers that here.

If I could just call my mind back to attention with a dog whistle fine.... but I'd keeping changing where I keep the whistle and sometimes forget I have it at all. Which isn't to say ADHD-PI is the same as Alzheimers but hey, they're not mutually exclusive. Woo-hoo. On the other hand, maybe I should get a whistle.

Anyway, truth be told, the real reason I did this post today is because I wanted to use this photo again. I took a few years ago at Comma Coffee . The bits of mirror were, at the time, pasted on the wall. However now, in the light of the PI addition, it's really the most accurate photo I have of myself.

Now back to the tasks at hand.


Roy said...

I get so tired of the people at Wikipedia following me around for years and then writing me up.
Hey do you want to go ride bikes?

PS: the word verifications are getting more difficult, and frequently indecipherable and/or requiring the ingestion of a clarifying agent like LSD. You may not get to read this . . .

asha said...

Roy, you may not have written this know... here.... but then again, perhaps I did not read it because I was not here to read it or there when it was there, as things are briefly on their way somewhere else, you know... over the edge....over there.... What was that? Did you say something about a ride bikes? Indeed.

Roy said...

You can't cross the same river twice, read the same comment over, or ride the same bicycle over a very bumpy trail that makes parts fall off.

It's all very estedBib. No, really, that's the word verification.

I think.

asha said...

Yes. Estrynot Ancient

Now what? Word verification is beginning to make sense.

Don said...

It's always made ubscatm clearly to me.

Justsomerandomguy001 said...

Have similar attention thinger. Daydreamer, me. I've read like the first three pages of numerous books, the first ten minutes of countless films (made up for, somewhat brutally when my mother and I watched The Searches 270 times, could have been 370, one loses count) and reading is a terrible chore. Prefer writing 'cept no one reads, so it's a diary.
Now to pray and hope the word verification makes nice, or will it, as it so often has, leave me hanging at the vestibule.
Were you a techie (Trekkie?) you'd have the words anyway. How it is on the internet theses days: Everything hangs by a thread and there's so many flies in the ointment, the mixed metaphors are buzzing making me go crazy. It's true.

Roy said...

Anoyea Yetts: Czechoslovakian heroin of my next chic lit novel.

asha said...

Websoll uistand: Russian hamlet and residence of retired chick lit characters from books that couldn't find a publisher.