Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mexican standoff at the brain drain

EphemeraWriting doesn't come easy to me. It's generally a miserable experience trying to get a sentence or two straight, real work on my part, but then concentrating on anything for long is hard. My attention is as divided as a swarm of bees working a meadow. Naturally this kind of thing has a diagnosis. There's a diagnosis for everything isn't there? And thanks to Big Pharma, there is a drug to conveniently "manage" it but I have no interest in living my life high on speed. Okay. I am always battling my inertia, but cycling, walking, weightlifting, swimming etc., along with my improvised version of mindfulness, however imperfect, are way better than that. As ol' Zeke would say, it's a better way to live.

As you might guess, this blog is one of my regular stops in the meadow. At the moment I am taking a break from two other tasks that have pressing deadlines and are locked in a Mexican standoff.

In other news, breakfast was a huge event in the Bird Park this morning. Only now, the quail finally wandered off giving me an opportunity to restock the apple treats since a chattering of starlings dropped in and ravaged them.

Okay. Gotta go.


Paula said...

I relate. Not about blogwriting though, generally. Writing-writing. I've basically shut down on the romance noveling... have other stuff pre-percolating. May re-work some oldies or start something new. Not sure yet. I've been missing you!

asha said...

Wow. It's great to be missed. I've been swamped and now these dueling deadlines have me in their cross hairs. Anyway, thanks. You're one of the rare and treasured few who make it all the way out to my little outpost.

Roy said...

No, you haven't been posting very often, but then, neither have I. It's nice to hear about the big doings at the Bird Park. (I read them aloud to my cat.)

Have a good weekend; here's to catching up.

asha said...

Roy.... You read it to Pitty Pat? OMG! I've been overlooking my true readership. The cats come by everyday and all this time I thought they were after the birds. Thank you! Thank you!

Ps. So WRITE, damnit! I did and it's hard for me. With you obviously words just flow.

Roy said...

Unfortunately, Pitty Pat is the last one we had to put down, due to some kind of cancer. But I read to my old cat, Tigger, who likes to relive his glory days!

asha said...

Roy, sorry for the mix-up. I knew one of them was gone. The good news is that cats not only have nine lives here on earth, on the Other Side all cats are automatically IMMORTAL and know everything. That's because they write the rules. So, probably Pitty Pat was listening when you were reading to Tigger.

Roy said...

No problem, but now you've got me curious. So, on the other side, do the cats open up the doors for us?

No? OK.

asha said...

"So, on the other side, do the cats open up the doors for us?"

Certainly but, of course, only if it pleases them to do so.