Friday, February 17, 2012

Bird Park Wish List

If it weren't for the damn CC & Rs, we
could have a fine fellow like Mr. Kung Fu around
to greet the neighborhood gangster cats that have made
the Bird Park their own personal Nevada casino style dessert buffet.

Meet Mister Kung Fu Rooster.


Roy said...

I like cats, but I don't feel sorry for them when they willingly walk into trouble like this over and over.

Loved the sound track to this.

asha said...

I like cats too but, in this case, I feel somewhat responsible for the welfare of the birds. After all, I am the one who lures them to the Bird Park with scrumptious delights. It only seems fair that I do a little bit to keep the cats at bay. Mr. Kung Fu rooster seems the perfect dude for the task. It would be a "no harm thanks to the fowl" situation and not even any cats harmed in the process. I love win/wins.

asha said...

PS. Yes. Great sound track. :)

Kimberlee said...

You could borrow Reid he's a 2 year old ball of terror in most cat's eyes.....Sage has resorted to trying to play dead during the "hug & kiss" episodes he bestows upon her. Upon her escape we usually don't see again for a day or two:(

asha said...

Ahhhhhh.....Reid.....of course. There wouldn't be a cat anywhere in sight. Brilliant.