Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hemp Expo

I snapped this photo the other day from the bike trail near Central Point. Good old Oregon! In case you're wondering, I'm for legalizing all drugs. Legalize, tax and regulate.

Good old Oregon. Always in the forefront.

It's not a moral issue although people who are unrealistic and/or uninformed and/or proud and/or churchy busybodies and/or flat out stupid still, against all evidence to the contrary, insist on thinking so. Drug use is not going away. Prohibition just does not work. Never has. Never will! It makes matters worse. Ask any prison guard. Corrupt governments (insert gov. of choice here), cartels, mafias, drug dealers and street gangs of every size and description FUCKING LOVE prohibition because guarantees astronomical profits. So, happy expo!


Mr. Donut said...

Crime is more fun when it's illegal, that's for sure. But prohibition, whether big or little "p", just doesn't seem to work. So why are we still doing it, hmmm? You must have a conspiracy post somewhere in the archive...ah never mind, I'd rather see a new comic, dammit.

asha said...

Dear Mr. Donut, whoever you are, now that you mention it....let's see....mmmmn...new comic...yes...must do new comic...

signed, 145A shmasso

Roy said...

There are not enough comics in the world, and HI and Lois has just stopped being funny.
(and speaking of prohibition, I don't know what Zippy is trying to do. I think he's from Kansas City, though.)
The word verification has now taken to using Indian symbols, like lake, two trees, mountain. Soon I will no longer be able to comment.

asha said...

Roy, you're right. WV has gotten crazy. We'll probably have to send in those petroglyph verifications via US Mail.