Sunday, August 12, 2012

Coming soon.... FRANK!

We are back in So. Oregon for a few days then heading to Portland for the Big Event. "Baby" Leo is about to get a new brother. He and cousin Thea are very intrigued by it all.


Roy said...

Strange goings on. Leo looks like he is enjoying his last days as nobody's brother. Does he suspect the impending upheaval in the power structure? Will Thea advise him, or wait to make her move? What does Frank say?
At least it is obvious that all three of them are above average. It is a wait-and-see time.

asha said...

"nobody's brother"

HA! God, if he only knew. Mr. Leo is definitely enjoying the summer and, of course, expects that will not change when this mysterious Baby Frank makes his appearance. And I doubt Ms. Thea will be much of a comfort when she is cooing the interloper. I think we are in for some noisy times.

someone said...

Leo is adorable! First I've seen of him since early days.

Glad you're home. Call when you get to town.