Thursday, September 6, 2012

Baby Frank, chillin' under the apple tree

Holy cow! He's already nine days old.

Baby Frank, four days old.

We had a great visit in Portland. In fact, it was about as perfect as it gets; perfect weather, great fun with the kids, grown-ups, dogs and Willie Nelson the Cat, sweet sweet just picked tomatoes and other vegetables right out of the garden for family dinners under Thea Bella's old apple tree and in Big Boy Leo and Baby Frank's backyard.

Leo & Thea ride the red wagon

Every now and then the stars line up and this was just one of those times. Happy happy Birth Day, Frank and may you enjoy many many more.


Roy said...

You can see it's a good day. .

Off subject--how did you get that picture of the "big" kids in the wagon? Fill flash, photoshop manipulation, or other?

Frank, lookn' good.

asha said...

Oddly, I got the photo of the big kids in the wagon the old fashion way...point, shoot 'n' post.

Frank is lookn' good, isn't he?

Kimberlee said...

I'm feeling delinquent. Welcome little Frank!
I'm also feeling a little out of touch these days and today I took 2 almost 3 yr olds and 1, 3 month old to the park and then made them lunch solidify me commitment to only having 2 children - I'm done today tomorrow and forever.....goodnight.

Paula said...

Aww, sweet pics! Welcome little Frank!

asha said...

Hey Kimberlee! Hi. I know what you mean, especially after being fresh from a pack of toddlers myself. I love 'em more than anything by OMG.

Paula, on behalf of little Frank, Thank you. :)