Saturday, November 10, 2012

Loneliest whale in the world

The 52-Hertz Whale's song
is just higher than the lowest note on a tuba.

"This song is the only one of its kind detected anywhere. Because of this, the animal has been called loneliest whale in the world."  -Wikipedia


Roy said...

It may just be me, but I cannot get the player to operate.
Am I outdated again??

JD said...

I always cry when I think about the 52-hertz whale.

JD said...

Wrote about it here in my former, semi-dead blog:

asha said...

Roy, it's undoubtedly my fault the player does not operate but I am at a loss to fix it. :(

JD: "Answer the whale." OMFG! I love that. Thanks.

Roy said...

It's my computer's fault, or, my fault, if it's my job to keep my browser plug-ins updated. Here's this lonely whale, and me with no damn updated plug-in.