Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Autumn leaves

I laid down to rest when the sun was still illuminating the red curtains and I could see summer's last tomatoes on the vine just outside the window. It's dark now, no glowing color, no tomatoes. I have the hacking crud that's going around and can barely talk today. I feel better after a nap but still prefer to lay here than join the family in the front room.

I've lost track of exactly how long we've been in Portland. Since LA,whenever that was. We came here to support the family after our 20 year-old granddaughter attempted suicide. She's a great kid in a very dark place. I don't know if everyone has to stand at that cross-road at some point in their life. I did. Perhaps you did too. She's seems to be reclaiming herself. God, I hope she decides to stick around, see how the story turns out. I'd sure miss her.

I just got called to dinner...roasted veggies, french bread, brie, fire in the fireplace.


Roy said...

I hope the granddaughter finds a path out of that place. And I hope you feel better soon. Peace.

asha said...

Thanks, Roy. The hard part of all this is that, as I'm sure you know, eventually, for all others do for us, the time comes when we have to finally decide for ourselves if we want to live or die. I think she'll be okay but you never know.