Thursday, February 7, 2013

Who said?

Yesterday my daughter sent me this photo of Thea "reading" the newspaper. Who said she could grow up so fast? Yes. Yes. It's all good. It's what you want them to do but come on!

Thea at three. And no. She doesn't really wear glasses.

Reading at this point is identifying letters of the alphabet but she is definitely on her way!



Roy said...

Put a brick on her head.

But anyway, that is so nice. I have right here a note to me from my son when he was about three or four. Of course, now, all I get are texts. I think his handwriting was better then.

Roy said...

These robot traps are getting harder and harder--I am to the point where I can't help a little swell of pride when I break through. The last one had a fraction! Yes, it's true. 766 1/2. Crimeny. I figured, well, sure, it's probably the apartment above the garage.

asha said...

Yes, a brick on the head or maybe put flower pots over 'em. I complained to Kristy that sending photos like this is grandparent abuse but I think it only inspired her all the more.

Okay, now I have to go face the robot trap. Where is this going to end?

morervm 23

Whew. That should work.

Roy said...

Where is this going to end?

DNA testing via the keycaps. Tiny needles, laser beams arcing wildly about whilst we are strapped to slowly moving stainless steel tables. Comments disallowed unless you are a direct descendant of Genghis Khan.

asha said...

Oh god. Sounds way to likely, Roy. My phone has even turned against me. Lately, trusty old apps are telling me they have changed their permission and now they want access to all my email, contact lists and personal information. They want me to let them always know where I am and they want to be able to send email and texts from my phone without my knowledge and it gets worse from there. Of course I immediately disabled them but... who knows? Did they go away or worm deeper in? Perhaps we are already strapped to slowly moving tables.

Kimberlee said...

Wow that's pretty good. I try to get Reid to write his name he's a left hander and a hard presser - mostly just rips the paper, but boy does he like his books.

asha said...

Thanks. She is very proud if her letters. :) That's cool that Reid likes his books. I remember that about him the time we "did Portland". Thea's a bookworm too. She love's them. So yay! They are both off to a great start!