Thursday, March 7, 2013

Froggie lullabies

There aren't many benefits to insomnia but last night around 2 AM as I lay awake wondering if the wind was going to blow the tool shed over again, Michigan H. Frog began holding forth against the storm raging down from the Sierra. Little Henry. Damn! Whether or not he's an endangered Sierra Nevada Yellow-Legged Frog is still up for debate but how in the world does any frog make his way to my desert backyard and survive winter? But he did and he is and last night this plucky little fellow's storm watch nocturne put me to sleep. Thanks, Froggie. 


Kimberlee said...

Haha, that's amazing the frogs at my folks place used to keep me up all night when I came home for a visit from the city....needed cars and buses driving by to put me to sleep back then. Since having kids it pretty much takes nothing at all my head barely hits the pillow and I'm down for the count!

asha said...

Lucky you. When my kids were little I got in the habit of waking up during the night to check on them and have never been able to completely break the habit.