Sunday, March 10, 2013

Timelines Traffic Jam

Frosty the Horse on Twitpic
Frosty the Horse.
Lunch stop in Lone Pine, CA.

We're in LA for the next couple of days. It's a turn around trip. We drove down this morning and are returning home on Tuesday and that night I'm reading at a Jazz & Poetry event at Comma Coffee in Carson City. Then, in the next two days we have to try to get all the furniture put together and make the house presentable because Kristiana and Thea Belle arrive on Saturday. We'll barely be ready and I certainly wouldn't have planned it this way. It's just that the various plans for the week suddenly and unavoidably got mashed together.

Now that the new floor is in, we are replacing our plastic desks and milk crate office furniture with IKEA modules. We thought we'd be able to pick everything up at the Sacramento store last week but it turned out to be an older, smaller store with a reduced inventory.

When M. Lee began this massive, monumental paper floor project a couple of months ago, their visit marked the absolute must finish by date. At the time it seemed like a purely academic deadline because, after all, how could tearing up every inch of flooring in the house and redoing it one square of paper at a time possibly take that long? Did I say crazy? But no. Really. It's beautiful and totally worth it. It's a huge improvement. I've already gotten my office half put back together because of the new shelving we got last week and it's great. It really makes a difference. I do believe I'm going to end up with an actually working work space? Christ, that sounds pathetic.


Roy said...

Congratulations on the new floor, AND the new furniture. You could have asked me and I would gladly have given you my 900 lb pressed sawdust desk.

asha said...

I actually am laughing out loud, as is M. I may have to take you up on that offer at some point after one of my Ikea cardboard stuffed beauties melts the first time I spill a cup of coffee on it.

Roy said...

Ha. Perhaps you should have bought other than the Wicked Witch of the West collection. I would have thought the flying monkey lampshades would have been a bit over the top.

Roy said...

Why is my syntax so weird?
"I would gladly have given . . . ?"
"I would have thought . . . would have been . . . ?"