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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Heart home

Thea and Leo at Farmer's Market

Once again, our time in Portland has come to an end. Tomorrow we head back to Florida for the summer. It's been a great visit, but not without some trouble. Last week, Thea came down with a terrible cold but it's on the wane. She even managed to dance in her ballet recital yesterday. Luckily the other two grandkids. Frank and Leo, have stayed healthy. I've been far too busy with the kids to keep up here. Later. Right now, I'm beat. Must sleep.

Another thing I love about Portland


Roy said...

The chillins are getting big.

Anonymous said...

What cuties! Soon i'll be heading north to visit my girls in Berkeley ~ can't wait. :)


asha said...

Roy: you said it. Jesus. We used to walk be the grade school and coo about how SOMEDAY Thea would go to school there. Now she starts in the fall!

Paula: Lucky you! How old are they?

Roy said...

Wow. I marvel at the continuity.

asha said...

Get this. Her dad and paternal grandpa went there too!

Roy said...

Gawd. And I went to nine different schools, not counting college.