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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


OK. I have to roll this thing forward. That means get out, crank the crank and spit out a new top page. It's a very clunky process in the way that the first cars were very clunky. I don't feel up to writing anything but it has to be done. So, by way of a whatzup, for the last few weeks we've been helping M. Lee's mom navigate the rounds of tests and doctor's appointments. Mostly that has meant waiting and wondering. At least tomorrow we get the prognosis. And we'll go from there.

And since we're here anyway, we've had a couple of game nights. We have stacks of board games but are currently addicted to a card game, Dominion. It's all anyone wants to play, well except for M. Lee who recently decided we should get back to regular boardgames, at least for awhile. We all agree in theory but end up playing Dominion anyway.

Last night we played three games. The first was basically a contest between Shane and M. Lee. They both got their strategies going right from the start and it was impossible to catch them. Not only that, the gods were completely against me. I had good cards but they never came up in useful combinations. During the second game Michael, who's new to the group, was the first to gut everyone with the King's Court/Thief combination but, in the end, M. Lee managed to crush us anyway with a King's Court/Laboratory. I won the last game with a simple Big Money strategy. That irritated the hell out of everyone.

So it goes.


Roy said...

Well...I have been copping out when it comes to cranking out pages of any kind--so you have my admiration.
I used to play Monopoly with my best friend who had such a simple, dumb, successful strategy that it almost always made me mad--he would buy absolutely everything he landed on, no matter what. He never deviated. And he won, like, all the time.
I wish good luck with all the medical stuff.

asha said...

Our Monopoly games used to go on for days. We played some epic games at Eddie Fitzgerald's house because his mom would let the board stay out until the game was done, even if it took a week. He was the guy who drove me crazy. His psychological game was far in advance of the rest of us. He acted like the winner no matter who was actually ahead.

Thanks. :)